Monday, 7 November 2011

Two breaks 4000 Miles Apart and I get the same card

A few days ago I was involved in two breaks.

The first was being run by Josh, who I met on the SCR forums. He had gotten a good deal on some boxes from his local card shop and threw up a thread on the forum. I got in as soon as I could.
As I had made a few bucks from my recent Finest break I thought I'd go for it and picked up fourteen teams.
I didn't get to pick the teams as this was all arranged while I was asleep. Luckily Martyn was on hand to suggest some teams on my behalf. And I'm glad he did!
I cant remember off the top of my head what teams I had, all I can remember is the Blue Jays and Nationals, both teams picked for me by Martyn.
He choose the Jays for the off chance a Lind is pulled and I needed it.
The Nationals were chosen mostly because of Bryce Harper.
Martyn did good as these would have been the teams I would have liked. Obviously I would have loved to have had the Giants but they went to SCR who also had a slot in the break.

Anyway  the break was a box of 2011 Finest and 2011 Bowman Platinum. I got nothing in the Finest and almost nothing in the Platinum.
I say almost nothing because I did get this auto of some dude.

Bryce Harper green refractor auto
 out of 399!

Awesome! That card covered that break.

Check out the video of the break. Especially for the few seconds after the Harper was pulled when Joshs better half makes a cameo appearance. I found it very funny!

Next was a six box break with Martyn. This was a 'free' break because we used the proceeds of our 2010 Bowman Chrome Shelby Miller Orange Refractor auto /25. That's right, one card paid for six boxes!
To see the breakdown of what was busted altogether then please hit Martyn's blog and take a look.

One of the boxes we ordered was 2011 Bowman Platinum retail. It was cheap and full of cool looking cards. |This box was just filler, just something to open. We knew that there was no auto, no GU and probably nothing numbered less than 200.

Boy were we wrong!

Another Bryce Harper Green auto /399!!

It was an incredible feeling seeing both cards pulled. Both Josh and Martyn sounded very excited to see the cards come out of the packs.

I wont be keeping them. Both will be sold on the bay and the profits from them will go towards more boxes.

I wonder how long we can keep this going? So far me and Martyn have spent about $80 on one box of 2010 Bowman Chrome.
That one box turned into six boxes:
2009 Just Minors baseball
2010 Just minors baseball
2011 Bowman Chrome hobby
2011 A&G retail
2011 Bowman Platinum retail
2010 Topps Chrome hobby

Thanks for Martyn and Josh for busting the boxes and pulling the Harpers!


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