Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A little bit of vintage from the bay

Every once in a while eBay UK can really throw up a few nice surprises. And by nice surprises I mean vintage!

Theres always someone selling vintage on the site but most is either overpriced or set as a BIN, which I dont normally like to hit if I think I can get it cheaper if it were to come to auction.

This past week a couple of nice cards came up at auction and I had my eye set on three of them. The type of cards on offer were Topps from the 50's, 60's and 70's and also a bunch of 1955 Bowman. All were starting off at just 99p. So I added the ones I wanted to my watch list and kept my eye on them.

Out of the three cards that I went for I managed to win two, at what I consider an absolute steal!

First the card that I lost out on was a 1962 Topps Whitey Ford. I put a bid in during the last 30 seconds but was outbid with less than 5 left.

The first card that I did win is from one of the greatest sets ever, 1952 Topps.

Gene Woodling was an outfielder for the New York Yankees. According to Wikipedia he spent 49-54 there before spending time with the Indians, Senators, Mets. He ended his career as a coach for the Orioles. He had a fairly good career, an all-star in '59 and also won an incredible 6 World Series, 5 with the Yankees and one with the O's as part of the coaching staff.

The card is in great shape for its age. Sure the corners are rounded and there's a slight indentation just below his ear but its still in a perfectly collectible condition.

The second card that I picked up was the card I wanted the most out of the ones I had been looking at. Its not often a vintage HOF'er is listed in the UK and when they are its usually at a ridiculous price or is damaged.

This one is also from an iconic set, 1955 Bowman.

Phil Rizzuto, Hall of Fame Shortstop for the Yankees.

He was known alot more for his defense rather than his offense. He was 5 time all star and also captured 7 World series championships. He also spent two years in the Navy during World War 2. He was elected to the Hall in 1994 by the Veterans committee.

The card is in great condition. Like the '52 the corners are rounded. There was also some slight paper loss. You can see on the pic above some of the paper loss on the border, right above Rizzuto's head. The second bit of paper loss is on the back and covers the 'ST' in the word BEST. All in all its really nice.

As much as I like these cards I would still rather trade them for something that I could use and appreciate more.

Any vintage or Yankees fans out there want to trade?

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  1. Cool pick up's Tony.I missed those or I would have had a bid or three on them.