Friday, 3 December 2010

2009 Cliff Lee Ginter pass around.

Over the past few months a 2009 Allen and Ginter Cliff Lee card has been passed between different bloggers. Upon receiving said card the blogger was encouraged to initial it and note their location. This card has been missing for a while and the blogs have gone quiet. Who has it? Where did it go? Do we care?


Here it is!!!!

As you can see from the card it is well traveled so far. I'm not sure where it started, the first time I heard of it was when I caught it on http://http// From there it traveled across the Atlantic ocean to a small English town called Westgate on Sea, which is the home of blogger John of http://http// He sent it my way about 8 months ago before I even started a blog and now I have sent it on its way back across the Atlantic to Larry of Sewing machine guy on cards.

So far the card has been in the following locations (I'm not sure where it started or what order the card traveled) -

MJ of Dublin, California (This is the initial and location at the top of the card so maybe this is where it started)

MA of Seymour, Tennessee

JDH of New London, Ohio

Somewhere in Canada I think. This is the red ink on the card and I'm having trouble reading it.

JA of Westgate, UK

and me

TMCD of Newport, Wales.

If you are one of the initials in the above list then please leave a comment so we can track this thing properly.


  1. I have not seen it personally, but WOW, that's def a cool card/world story. Awesomeness!!!

  2. The Red Ink is Brian of Waxaholic, who sent it to me. Should read BR Calgary CAN

  3. Cheers John, I could tell it was Canadian but that was about it! Its back out there now so who knows if we'll ever see it again.
    Agreed Charles, it is pretty cool. That card has probably traveled over 10000 miles in its life!